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The challenges in purchasing a do-it-yourself fence

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Almost everyone who has ever tried to a Do-it-Yourself project has a story to tell... and a few extra parts that somehow didn't make it into the final assembly.

While it can be funny to share the stories once everything is completed, it's frustrating to reach a point in a project where work has to stop to purchase additional tools or parts or worse, work has to be undone to correct a mistake.

Tackling the job of installing your own fence might not seem terribly complicated, but there are a number of potential pitfalls to try to avoid.

Purchasing a fence as a Do-It-Yourself project requires the selection of many related items. All of the items must be related in order for the project to be completed successfully. All Fence Sections must be the same sizes, styles, colors. All of the Fence Posts must match in size, style and color as well with the added complication that corner posts and end posts have different configurations than line posts.

Gates and gate hardware have the same requirements.

Some fences have style options that can be included, some have finials, decorative caps, privacy inserts, arbors and more.

Fences often have additional materials included to improve their function with vinyl coated wire (popular with post and rail), electric wire (for livestock), razorwire (for security), or automatic closures (for convenience).

Home owners often purchase fences to enclose a pool and to comply with local safety code requirements. However, some do-it-yourself fence installers have completed an installation only to find that their fence fails to meet the pool safety codes standards.

Retailers who offer fence materials for sale should be aware that their buyers would benefit from expert assistance as they shop for the items they need to complete their project. While most retailers group their items into logical areas (whether in the store, or online), so that similar items are visible to their buyers, this assumes each buyer has a full understanding of what they need.

We believe there is a better way to present the information about fences, where that expertise is builtin to the system. Let our expertise help guide you so that your project can be a success. We hope you find that our website provides information quickly - and that your experience is a happy one.