aluminum fence
Aluminum Fence makes an attractive ornamental border to any property. For over 20 years, Fence City has offered a wide range of aluminum fencing. As a leading supplier of aluminum fence, you can count on us to provide you with the best selection at the best prices.

Aluminum fence


54 Inch 3 Rail Ultra & Smart Time
54 inch NEW ULTRA  1" x 5/8" pickets - Style = UAF-250
4 FT Tall  3 rail  Aluminum Fence From Ultra UAB-200
4 Ft Tall 2 Rail Ultra & Smart Time
4 ft tall 3 Rail Heavy Uses Ultra UAF-200
D: UAF250 3-Rail Aluminum Fence
E: UAF- 200 3-Rail Ultra Aluminum
G: UAS151 3-Rail
H: UAS100 3-Rail
H: UAS100 3-Rail
N: UAS150 3-Rail
T: UAF251 3-Rail
Ultra Eclipse
V: UAF201 3-Rail
W: UAS101 3-Rail
Y: UAS300 3-Rail