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Fence Installation

Fence City has expert fence installers and we can install fence anywhere in the Philadelphia area and Delaware Valley. Check the list of areas where we install fence to learn more.

When a decision is made to have a fence installed on your property there are many factors to consider, including:

Environmental and community friendly fence installation

  • Are there any issues related to blocking sun or wind if the fence is installed?
  • Is there a requirement for a "neighbor friendly" style where both sides look alike?

Installing the fence along property Lines

Only a licensed surveyor can pin or mark your property lines for a legal certification of your fence installation.
  • Our Fence Installers will always follow pins
  • We usually set the fence 6 inches inside the property line (to ensure that the fence belongs to you)
  • We will insure that your fence installation follows the contour of the property

Ensuring the fence is installed legally

  • Is the height of the fence within legal limits
  • Is the installed fence BOCA code compliant (for swimming pools)
  • Does the installed fence have sufficient set backs, especially on corner properties

Fence Installation Permits:

Fence installation permits usually come from the township and requires the fence company to have various insurances and occupational licenses.

Installing Gates

  • Consider installing double gates for future truck deliveries
  • Consider installing special key locks for security or to prevent children from opening the gate

Installing Posts

Post holes on every type of fence, even wood, should be filled to near top with concrete, several inches left for top grass to grow.

Installing a fence along a grade
Only a professional fence installer knows how to make adjustments in the field to make a fence pleasing to the eye. If the ground looks level, it's not, as the rain water must go somewhere. A so-called "flat property" could change in elevation 3 feet from front to back yard.

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