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Choosing a fence

Choosing the right type fence for your fencing projects can be difficult. Please use our guide below to select the correct styles of fencing and material to help you decide. If you can not find the answer to your fence questions, we have a full time trained fence professional available to answer your fencing questions.

First determine best fence for you needs:

Need Common Problems Best Fencing suggestions:

Your home is close to a neighbor's house.

Your home backs up to busy road/sidewalk or other public area.
You need to look at styles of fence which will screen or breakup the line of site onto your property. There is a perfect fence for any situation.

We recommend:
Security Location to heavy trafficked area.

Previous Security Problems

A high fence with limited horizontal rails (so people can not climb over using rails) can offer some degree of security.

You should also remember to review your present or planned landscaping choices and maintain clear line of sight to all areas of property, especially around swimming pools. Do not provide any areas that are obstructed from view from your home. We recommend:
Contain Pets To define a back yard area which will keep your dog from injuring themselves and others.

Many styles are available specifically designed for this situation. The first step is to determine if your pet(s) is a jumper and then to pick a height, which will prevent them from jumping over. The next choice is for appearance and any other need(s) on this list.

We recommend for larger dogs: We recommend for smaller dogs: See all our styles that are appropriate for pet fence.
Contain Larger Animals (Livestock & Horses) Define grazing area or establish other corral needs.

A fence for this purpose must be high enough to deter the animal form trying to pass over or under it. This Fence must standup to brushing and bumping by animals. We recommend:

Next what fencing material is best given it's benefits and weakness:

Fence Material Pros Cons
  • Maintenance free
  • Long Life
  • Strong when compared to other materials
  • Do-it-yourself installation options
  • No painting or staining
  • Can Sometimes get scratches and dents in heavy trafficked areas, although replacement parts are available and easy to install.
PVC - vinyl fence
  • Last almost forever
  • No painting or staining
  • Weathers well
  • Scratches do not show on solid wall extrusion Vinyl (the only kind Fence City offers)
  • In some application vinyl might not have the strength of wood or aluminum.
Wood picket and privacy
  • 100% Natural
  • Many Custom configuration not found in Vinyl and Aluminum
  • Easily repaired
  • Limited life span
Wood post and rail
  • 100% Natural Easily repaired
  • Strong and takes animal abuse well
  • Limited life span
Chain Link
  • Quick installation
  • Requires almost no maintenance (Vinyl coated)
  • Ages well
  • Available for extremely high application (8+ feet)
  • Appearance may not fit all sites.

What do we recommend for the weekend warrior
or the Do-It-Yourselfer:
  • Aluminum Fences - We sell our aluminum fence line nation wide because it can be tackled by the Do It Yourself home market. It is ideal for swimming pool fence security. It requires laying out the fence and digging holes but the sections go together easily and can be adjusted for length with a simply hacksaw. This product is very forgiving to the first time Do It Yourself installer.
  • Vinyl - This product was made for the Do It Yourself it is lightweight and easy to install. Like the aluminum fence it needs just basic knowledge and can easily be customized with a hacksaw to your length needs.
  • Post and Rail Farmers have been putting post and rail fences up for centuries. Post and rail has limited uses in residential applications but is do-it-yourselfer Friendly - the hardest part is digging the postholes and mixing the concrete.
  • Picket fencing This type of fencing can be found in prefabricated section similar to Aluminum and Vinyl. If your exact size is not available in prefabricated section, installation can be tedious and demands attention to detail to obtain good results.
(Other styles of fence can be installed by Do It Yourself but it is not recommended. In most cases specialty tools are required or on-site professional adjustments are needed. For these fences an experienced fence installer or contractor should do the installation)
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